A Little Something About Us

RESTU AG is an investment company that are focusing into several industries locally and internationally. Our primary focus are small and medium enterprise in industries that have been determined by the company.

We are tasked to nurture the development of selected strategic industries in Malaysia with the aim of pursuing the nation’s long-term economic interests.

We are the key agency mandated to drive shareholder value creation, efficiency gains and enhance corporate governance in companies controlled by us.

RESTU AG Group of Companies are divided into a wholly-owned company & a subsidiary company.

Our Values


We are motivated by a deep sense of purpose, encouraging ourselves and each other to create an impact for the greater good.


We do what we say, acting in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards.


We take responsibility for our actions and strive to be humble, transparent and efficient in everything we do.

Strategic Alliance

We work hand-in-hand together in the spirit of inclusion, supporting each other while growing as a partner.